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30-Day Archive
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MegaUpload Archive
The main purpose of this community is to store all those leftover MegaUpload/Sendspace/Rapidshare links - but as they don't expire (unless the link is untouched for 30 days), here's a place where it can be listed and used again and again - sort of like an MU album list that some people have.

[x] No requesting. Only posting.
[x] MEGAUPLOAD, TURBO UPLOAD, UPLOADING.COM, SENDSPACE, RAPIDSHARE OR QUICKDUMP LINKS ARE ALLOWED - Filefactory links will be accepted but I wouldn't recommend it as it tends to delete accounts for "violation of T&S blah blah". You know the whole drill. Also if you have any other hosts that keep the file for the same rate as MU/SS/RS, please tell me in a mod post so I can check it out - thanks!
[x] When posting an album/song link, USE THE TAGS
[x] See below on how to tag your entries, yes that is still part of the rules an no it's not an explanation of what tags are.
[x] All types of music are welcome, that includes OSTs as well
[x] Absolutely no bashing whatsoever of others' music tastes.
[x] This isn't really a rule but I'd like it if you'd promote this community :)

How to use the tags
[x] If you are posting an album:
- tag it with the artist's name

[x] If you are posting an OST
- tag it with the name of the movie

[x] If you are posting a compilation (not compiled by you)
- use the album name (i.e. "Now that's what I call Music! 64"

[x] If you are posting a compilation that is compiled by you
- tag it with every artist on there (e.g. my compilation album is called "blue_pixie25's favourites", I list all the artists on there "daniel powter, green day, coldplay, kelly clarkson")
The reason why I am doing this is because the odds are that if it's your own compilation, no one would go looking for it because they don't know it exists. If you list by artists, it will be easier for people to find out who is on the compilation.


I'd love to affiliate with any other music communities - just leave a message in any of the mod posts. Please note I'm only affiliating with music communities at the moment.

Legal stuff
Music posted here is under the impression that once downloaded, it will be deleted in 24 hours to comply with certain laws. The members who provide music or I claim absolutely no reponsibilty over the use of the music once it has been downloaded by other users.